Filing a life claim FAQ's

For Beneficiaries

For Employers

For both Beneficiaries and Employers


I am the trustee of a trust who is the named beneficiary, what additional documents do I need to submit?

We will need a copy of the trust document and verification that the trustee named in the trust document is acting as trustee.

I am the executor of an estate who is the named beneficiary, what additional documents do I need to submit?

If a person insured under a Sun Life Group Life insurance policy dies, a claim should be submitted using the Life Claim Statement. For life insurance claims, the following is also required: a certified copy of the Death Certificate, the Employee Application and beneficiary changes (if maintained by the policyholder).

We will need a certified copy of the court order appointing the legal representative.

What if I have no information of the whereabouts of a designated beneficiary?

The life claim form should be completed by the employer and forwarded to us. We will evaluate the claim and conduct the appropriate investigations.

What if someone other than the beneficiary wants to submit a life claim?

If you have someone that expresses the desire to submit a claim that is not the designated beneficiary, we should be notified. We will conduct any necessary investigation and communicate with the parties.

Are there any special requirements for a person that stops work or dies within the first three months of coverage under the policy?

Yes. We will require copies of payroll records and/or proof of active work.

What needs to be done if the named beneficiary is deceased?

We will need a copy of their death certificate.

What section(s) of the Life Claim Statement do I complete?

The group policyholder (normally the employer) completes sections A, B, C, D and E. The signature requested on page 3 should be signed by the person that completes this information. By signing the claim statement, the person is certifying that the information provided is correct to the best of their knowledge. The beneficiary completes sections F and G.

If an insured was on an approved waiver of premium claim, is all the employment information necessary?

No. If a person was on an approved life disability (waiver of premium) claim, only sections A and E of the group policyholder statement are required along with the beneficiary statement(s).

Will Sun Life accept a photocopy of a death certificate?

There are some circumstances where we will accept a photocopy of a death certificate. If the claim is less than $50,000 and the death is natural, we will normally accept a photocopy of a death certificate.

Does Sun Life need all enrollment cards/beneficiary designations ever completed by the insured or just the most current?

We require all enrollment forms completed by the insured as well as all beneficiary designations.

Who can I call for assistance in filling out the life claim statement?

Please call Life Claims at 800.451.4531, press option 4. A life claims staff member will be happy to walk you through the process.

What if the beneficiary does not want a ProviderFund account and just wants a check?

There are some instances where a check is a better option than the ProviderFund for a particular beneficiary. The beneficiary or employer simply needs to write on the claim statement "Beneficiary wants check instead of ProviderFund."

What do I need to do to claim accidental death benefits?

This should be clearly indicated on the life claim statement. The beneficiary should provide copies of any available reports (police, medical examiner, medical records, or newspaper accounts). In most cases involving accidental death, we will conduct an investigation to determine our liability for these benefits.

Does Sun Life accept funeral home assignments?

We do administratively accept funeral home assignments and require an itemized funeral statement if the assignment amount exceeds $7,500. Funeral homes typically have their own assignment forms and we will accept them if they are complete and indicate the insured's name, the beneficiary's signature, the amount and the policy number.

For any other questions, our experienced claim staff is here to assist you. Please contact us at 800.451.4531, press option 4.

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