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Timely Access to Care

This notice provides you with information regarding your right to timely access to care when you are seeking care from a provider that participates in the Vision Service Plan (VSP) Network. Appointment wait times for a network provider should be no longer than the following:

Appointment Type Timeframe
Routine Eye Exam Within 30 calendar days
Non-Urgent Medical Within seven days
Urgent Care If call is received during office hours, and the doctor determines the need of the member to be urgent, member should be seen within 24 hours
Telephone Screening Evaluated to determine the severity of the condition and disposition of the patient
Specialty Referral Within 14 calendar days from the time the primary care provider requests the referral

If you need an interpreter, interpretation services are available upon request. A request for interpretation services at the time of your appointment will not delay the scheduling of your appointment.

If you have questions about appointment wait times or if you would like to request an interpreter, please contact VSP at 800-877-7195.